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The Bathroom Remodel Basics

We believe you deserve a stylish and affordable bathroom remodel. Our in-house certified designers and licensed contractors can help. Reach out today to set up your free consultation.

Together, we’ll design your new bathroom using state-of-the-art, 3D computer generation software for a private, in-house showing that demonstrates exactly the results you can expect from All OC Kitchen and Bath.

Are you interested in boosting your home’s value to potential buyers? Are improving efficiency or via energy-efficient fixtures and including eco-friendly materials priorities for you? Perhaps, you simply desire a more luxurious – and less cluttered – bathing experience.

Even if your checklist includes “all of the above,” we’ve got you covered! Together, we’ll create a step-by-step plan to make it happen on budget and on time.

Welcome to our virtual design studio. Start designing your dream bathroom.

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your home.

We recognize how important it is that your project is finished on time and on budget. When you choose to trust your bathroom to All OC Kitchen and Bath, you choose to skip the costly setbacks.

Many of the most common challenges that hopeful homeowners are faced with during a large project can be bypassed simply by sitting down with a professional:

Construction teams who cut corners

Coordinating on your own with dozens of vendors

Late contractors that don’t meet deadlines

Unexpected results due to difficulty
visualizing the end result

The All OC Kitchen and Bath family includes:

Licensed contractors


Certified Interior




Kitchen Designers

Each highly experienced member of our team works cooperatively to ensure that even the smallest details of your project are on point from start to finish. With your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences in mind, we’ll take your vision from a colorful 3D computer render to a functional, well-finished bathroom you can be proud of.

Your Burning Bathroom Remodeling Questions Answered.

What does the average bathroom remodel near me cost?

Psst. We know you’ve got a Pinterest board full of bathroom remodeling ideas on your phone. DIYing it over time may spread out the cost, but mistakes and materials will add up! While it’s possible to piece together your vision bit by bit, it’s more cost effective and efficient to knock it all out at once.


While the average bathroom remodel in California can seem expensive at first, experts estimate that many homeowners in our area can anticipate earning back triple digit returns on their investment at sale.


Depending on the square footage, the materials you prefer, and the updates your bathroom requires, the cost of each project varies. Whatever your budget, we stay under it. Remember: it’s important to factor in a safety buffer for unforeseen expenses once the remodel is underway.


When you sit down with our professional interior designers, costly mistakes can be avoided and every dime is accounted for. That’s the difference that decades of experience makes. 

How long do renovations take?

On average, most bathroom remodeling projects take approximately four to six weeks. If the renovations are more dramatic, more time might be necessary.

During your private consultation, we’ll guide you through the entire process step-by-step – including the timeline.

Is hiring a professional home improvement service really more convenient?

Your convenience is a top priority to us. From start to finish, our team takes care of the details. You only need to worry about your vision and goals for your home.

At our private studio, we can guide you through the process. Our in-house interior designer can assist you with selecting finishing touches that may have been overwhelming to figure out on your own:

  • The type of tile for your bathroom flooring
  • The size of the shampoo box
  • Shower valves and drains
  • The width of the vanity
  • The flow of the faucets
  • Wall fixtures and mirrors
  • An effective moisture exhaust fan
  • Bathroom sink and cabinet styles

and so much more…

Next, we’ll put it all together with our professional, online design studio. Through 3D technology, you’ll be able to “walk through” your newly remodeled bathroom before it’s ever built. This way, you can be certain that every detail you’re investing in has the impact you’re hoping for.

Bathroom Renovation Tips

We don’t want to bombard you. (Otherwise, what would be the point in bringing on professionals to tackle the job?) However, we’d like to share our top three bathroom renovation tips:

Dream big, but think small!

Thanks to the wide array of materials on the market to choose from, your dream bathroom aesthetic is in reach, regardless of budget.

Some things will jump out instantly when you walk into your new bathroom: the color of your cabinets, the pattern of the tile on your bathroom backsplash, the size of the mirror over your vanity… However, the small details are what will take your home renovation over the top!

Consider every aspect of your current bathroom and how it functions and feels. Maybe the drawer pulls on your current vanity are not comfortable. Perhaps the natural lighting that flows through the window makes your mornings brighter.

Communicate the observations you make to our team, and together we’ll create a remodeling plan that takes

Save room in your

Once old flooring is being pulled up, you never know what you’ll find. Save room in your budget for unexpected repairs and you’ll save yourself a lot of headache later on.

In the worst case scenario, you’ll end up spending the money on a slow leak that the previous owners didn’t catch. In the best case scenario, there will be no nasty surprises and you’ll have some wiggle room to upgrade the features most important to you.

Consult the bathroom
remodeling experts.

We can’t say this one enough. Your bathroom remodeling project will be much more enjoyable and overall more affordable under the guidance of skilled professionals.

Steps to Take

Finally, it’s time to get started! Use our online design to experiment. Play with cabinet styles. Take on a variety of tile colors. Experience the difference that a deeper bathtub might make.

Once you’ve settled on a bathroom remodel design that you’re drooling over, give us a call. Let’s set up your consultation and begin building the luxurious, functional bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

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