Ground quartz and resin are engineered and derived from its multi-dimensional, gem-like color.

Low-maintenance, non-porous heat- and scratch-resistant material with a smooth, durable surface


100% all-natural rock featuring an endless variety of different patterns of veins, specks, and swirls.

Excellent heat and scratch-resistant material, pre-sealed for stain protection


A natural stone featuring marble-style veining with a distinctive shine and durability of granite.
Harder than glass, this heat- and scratch-resistant material is pre-sealed for easy care and cleaning.


Sophisticated, natural stone with elegant veining,
Poor impact and stain durability, low resistance to heat and stains, not recommended for acidic substances

Solid Surface

Durable and non-porous acrylic surface, man-made to provide years of seamless low maintenance.
Extremely heat and stain resistant, easy to repair cracks and chips


Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are so important functionality and flow of the kitchen space However the other section of the kitchen has to match with Cabinets, Backsplash, Tiles.

The kitchen is an area that can be a black hole of renovation and when you are upgrading, A minor kitchen remodel can yield 98.5% of what you put into it.

Upgrading the countertops is never a bad idea. It is a low cost that ups the value of your house and attracts buyers. Replacing old, dated countertops and updating kitchen countertops with new granite, quartz or stone pieces adds instant appeal and pizazz. You really cannot lose.

All OC Kitchen and Bath will give your kitchen and bathroom the updated, beautiful look your buyers will appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking to update Countertops, Cabinets or do a full redesign on your kitchen, we’re here to help you. All OC Kitchen and Bath with more than 20 years’ experience providing home renovation consulting services by licensed interior designers to help get you started. Simply schedule an appointment.

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