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The Kitchen Remodeling Basics

Schedule your free kitchen remodel consultation today. Our in-house kitchen designers and licensed contractors design the space you deserve using state-of-the-art, 3D computer generation software.

With this private, in-house showing, you’re in control. You’ll be able to virtually walk-through your new space before so much as a can of paint is ever opened.

The ideal kitchen remodel makes your life easier and showcases your family’s unique style. Our in-house licensed contractors and certified kitchen designers have decades of experience. We’ll create a detailed plan to make it real on schedule and within budget.

Meal after meal, day after day:
You spend most of your time in the kitchen. Your kitchen remodel needs to be beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

Welcome to our virtual design studio. Start designing your dream kitchen.

We know that kitchen remodeling is a big deal.

Obviously, time is of the essence when it comes to kitchen renovations. You need the space to be completed as soon as possible so that you can resume cooking and eating at home. Plain and simple.

Many of our clients mention that the main reason they delay kitchen remodeling is because they’re afraid of the inconvenience.

Some “downtime” is unavoidable. Replacing appliances, ripping out old countertops, or making other drastic changes to your kitchen takes time. Yet, it helps to have a team on your side that realizes there’s no room for unnecessary and expensive errors.

Sit down with us to avoid the most common kitchen remodeling

Construction teams that skim over important details to “save time”

The confusion and stress of coordinating dozens of independent vendors

Contractors that could care less about your deadline

Results that aren’t what you hoped for

The All OC Kitchen and Bath family includes:

Kitchen Designers

Licensed contractors

Certified Interior





Our people make us different. They skillfully coordinate the details that make a kitchen remodel remarkable.

From the first colorful 3D computer rendering to the final result, count on All OC Kitchen and Bath for your kitchen remodeling project. Throughout the entire process, we keep your preferences and lifestyle in mind.

Kitchen Remodeling Questions? Answered.

How much does the average kitchen remodel near me cost?

The most cost efficient way to remodel your kitchen is to call on the certified kitchen design professionals and in-house contractors at All OC Kitchen and Bath.

There are many factors to consider:

  • the size of your kitchen
  • the specific elements you want to change
  • the materials you like best

The price of your renovation will vary. Based on averages in our area, your kitchen remodeling cost could range from $40,000 to $120,000 or more.

Fortunately, experts estimate that professional kitchen remodels in our area earn homeowners back triple digit returns

How long does kitchen remodeling take?

This is a question we’re asked daily – sometimes many times per day! And for good reason: Many people consider the kitchen the most important and most used room of any house.

If you want an efficient renovation, have a clear vision for your future kitchen. When homeowners make changes after the remodeling process has already begun, delays occur.

During your private consultation, we explain the process step-by-step, including the timeline. In most cases, you can plan to enjoy a nice meal with family and friends in approximately four to eight weeks.

Is working with professionals on a kitchen remodel more convenient?

You decide.

From the very beginning of your project, to the very end, our team tackles the details. We value your convenience. If you don’t think it’s fun to agonize over whether you should choose eggshell or off-white paint, there’s no need to. If you do, we welcome your input!

Visit our private studio. We’ll take you through the kitchen remodeling journey from start to finish. Our in-house kitchen designers will ensure fashion and function in your final design.

We neglect no details:

  • The stovetop’s energy source
  • Countertops that are both stain-resistant and budget-friendly
  • Lighting placement
  • The layout of your appliances and cabinets
  • How to blend your brand new space with the adjacent rooms’ designs
  • The best type of flooring for durability and easy clean-up
  • Modern vs Traditional vs Transitional styles

and so much more…

These kitchen remodel ideas come together cohesively in our professional, online design studio. 3D technology allows you to explore your brand new kitchen digitally. Before you spend a dime on your new investment, you can be certain that every detail is flawless.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Even if you’re not getting hands-on with your kitchen remodel, there are things to consider:

Quality Matters as
Much as Budget

While certain materials look great initially,they simply won’t stand the test of time as well as others. Will peeling laminate or faded formica will cause you to crave a second kitchen remodel later on? Spring for real stone countertops and solid wood furnishings. This will save you money in the long-run.

Tip: Is budget a concern? Invest in fewer high-quality pieces instead of completely redoing your space.

Don’t be afraid to be “basic”.

There are plenty of “trends” in the kitchen remodeling world right now. For example, fancy appliances that boast top-of-the-line technology. (Who doesn’t want to watch TV from their fridge?)

Opt for modern, but traditional appliances. Keep your kitchen from looking outdated in time.

Consult the kitchen remodeling experts.

It’s important to have a team you can trust for any remodeling project. If you’re hoping for a convenient, enjoyable, and affordable kitchen remodel, our skilled professionals are on your side.

Steps to Take

Let’s get your kitchen remodel started! First, check out our online design suite and try out with flooring, walls, appliances, backsplash, sink styles, and more. Try combinations you’ve never seen paired together before. Experiment to see what sparks your inspiration.

Finally, you’ve found the kitchen design that you’re dying to fry eggs in every morning? Call us. We’ll get your free, private consultation started. Together, we’ll create a splendid space you can proudly show off to family and friends.

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