Bathroom Tile

Whether you’re replacing an old shabby bathroom flooring tile or installing a new one, you can’t beat ceramic or stone tile for durability and appearance. You need just to use tiles designed specifically for walls as they can differ slightly from floor tiles. You can match them to the floor to create a seamless transition or you can pick an entirely different color and pattern.

At All OC Kitchen and Bath, you have several options to choose a tile for bathroom. You can choose to match the grout to the tiles which would help to hide any imperfections or irregularities or you can choose different colors that contrast with each other or complement one another.

If you have a wood subfloor if the joists are spaced 16 in. apart. No Worries!! All OC Kitchen and Bath experts as a General Contractor with more than 20 years’ experience providing Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom Flooring in Orange County.

Bathroom Tile Samples

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